OneFaith Experience DVD Set

The OneFaith Experience (OFE), a ground-breaking Catholic conference televised live on EWTN, can now be yours on 4-disc DVD. The OFE is a dynamic, inspiring Catholic event featuring myself and world-class speakers like Fr. Larry Richards, Adam Blai, Teresa Tomeo, Hector Molina, and Tim Staples!

When you use promo code DH2016 not only do you get 25% off, but you will also support my ministry. 50% every sale made with our code comes back to us!

It’s a huge win-win! You receive a DVD set that will help you grow tremendously in your faith and I will be able to fund some awesome projects that will bring tens of thousands into deeper intimacy with Christ. Get your copy today!

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“I can’t begin to tell you how very much your powerful presentations affected the youth who were present at the conference. Many of our young people have shared glowing comments on how much your passion, zeal, and message had a profound effect upon them. They love your ardent style and the clear, precise way in which you ‘teach’ the truths of Holy Mother Church. Your conference talks were both insightful and delivered with unequaled enthusiasm.”

Pat Borba


Life Changing

“I know it’s late but I wasn’t able to tell Deacon Harold how much he made a difference in my life over the last four days. Explaining the structure, meaning and unity of the Holy Family, and how the family and the Eucharist relates to every human being and every family, combined with the importance of connecting and communicating with Jesus and the Holy family through Adoration was truly life changing.”


Parish Mission

Amazing Witness

“Just wanted to say that I heard you preach on EWTN today and I was yelling ‘AMEN’ out loud! You are an Amazing Witness to God’s Amazing Love for His People. Thank you for your ‘Yes’ to God. He is using you to touch millions! Thank You for not being afraid to feed His sheep. Keep going Deacon, keep going! It’s so refreshing to hear a brave speaker of the Word of God and to serve us ‘meat and potatoes’ and not just ‘fluff.’ You fed me today. Thank You.”

EWTN Viewer

Blown Away

“I saw this for the first time last night and was absolutely blown away by the intellectual and spiritual aspects of this program. It is so well down and well thought out that the truth of the teaching leaves you speechless. I only wish that this were taught from the mountain tops to the whole world without being abashed. EXCELLENT!!”


EWTN Viewer

Proclaims the Truth

“For a man who once turned his back on his faith, it is remarkable the power and effect of the men’s conference–where you spoke–has had on my Life. I mention this to speak to the power of your ministry. If there ever comes a time that you wonder if anyone is listening, please know that your words are being heard, and the Holy Spirit is working in your audience’s lives.”




“I need to say a big ‘thank you’ for helping us have Deacon Harold for the young adult retreat!! Wow, it was the most wonderful, awesome, and beautiful thing ever. It hardly seemed real!! God is so good. Thank you!! What a blessing. :-)”

Christina DeGoede

Retreat Coordinator