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Why is attending a Catholic retreat or event with Deacon Harold an important step in your faith journey? It’s simple: by our baptism, we are called to be disciples. A disciple is one who hears, accepts, and carries out the teaching of Jesus in their life. A disciple follows and imitates Jesus. Each of us who has been baptized has this mission and calling: to actively share our experience of knowing Jesus Christ personally and then inviting others to share in His life!

Being a disciple means making the connection between the faith that we learn and our lived experience: we must connect the head with the heart so that our faith becomes not simply something that we do but part of who we are. This is exactly what a Catholic retreat or event with Deacon Harold is designed to do!











For far too long, we Catholics have been filled with a spirit of fear and embarrassment about sharing our faith.  We keep the faith to ourselves and contain it within the walls of the church on Sunday.  When we are challenged by our friends and loved ones about why we are Catholic, we cower.  When the culture tries to shove subjective truth down our throats, we remain silent. We must pray, of course, but we must also take our faith to the next level. A Catholic retreat or event with Deacon Harold will help set you free to be the person God created and calls you to be!

Many Catholics describe a Catholic retreat or event that triggered their new spiritual commitment. Deacon Harold is passionate about creating a life-changing Catholic retreat or event that will help people to see themselves, their lives, the world, their relationships, and their faith in a whole new way. At the core of Deacon Harold’s Catholic retreats or events is his desire to meet people where they are… and lead them to where God calls them to be. Get ready for a life-altering experience!

Parish Mission @ Zionsville, IN

St. Alphonsus Liguori Parish 1870 W. Oak Street, Zionsville, IN

Join Deacon Harold for a parish mission at St. Alphonsus Liguori Parish. Deacon Harold will assist with and preach at weekend and daily Masses while in the parish. He will […]

High School Presentation @ Noblesville, IN

Guerin Catholic High School 15300 N. Gray Road, Noblesville, IN

Deacon Harold will be discussing Building a Civilization of Love: A Catholic Response to Racism with the faculty and staff at Guerin Catholic High School.

Men’s Conference @ Austin, TX

San Jose Parish 2435 Oak Crest Avenue, Austin, TX

Join Deacon Harold at the 11th Annual Catholic Men's Conference hosted by Central Texas Catholic. The conference theme is "One Bread, One Body - Hombres con Cristo." The focus will […]

Together in Holiness @ Wheeling, WV

St. Michael's Catholic Church 1225 National Road, Wheeling, WV

Deacon Harold will be speaking at the Wheeling/Charleston, WV Together in Holiness Conference hosted by the St. John Paul II Foundation. In addition to the other presentations, Deacon Harold will be giving […]

Parish Mission @ Houston, TX

St. Cecilia Catholic Church 11720 Joan of Arc Drive, Houston, TX

Join Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers for a Parish Mission at St. Cecilia Catholic Church with mission talks Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings. Deacon Harold will also speak to the school students.

Sophia Institute for Teachers Workshop @ Grand Rapids, MI

Cathedral Square Center 360 Division Avenue S, Grand Rapids, MI

Deacon Harold will be speaking at the Sophia Institute for Teachers workshop: Source and Summit: The Holy Eucharist. He will be giving two talks at the workshop with questions at […]

Parish Mission @ Bettendorf, IA

St. John Vianney Catholic Church 4097 18th Street, Bettendorf, IA

Deacon Harold will be presenting a three-night parish mission with St. John Vianney and Our Lady of Lourdes parishes in Bettendorf.

Parish Mission @ Lake Charles, LA

St. Henry Catholic Church 1021 8th Avenue, Lake Charles, LA

Join Deacon Harold for a parish mission at St. Henry Catholic Church in Lake Charles, LA on Sunday through Tuesday evenings March 12-14, 2023 at 6:30pm each night. Deacon Harold […]

College Presentation @ Mankato, MN

St. Thomas More Newman Center 1502 Warren Street, Mankato, MN

Deacon Harold will be talking with campus students at St. Thomas More Newman Center.

Lenten Mission Night @ Ridgefield, WA

St. Mary of Guadalupe Church 1520 N. 65th Avenue, Ridgefield, WA

Join Deacon Harold for this special, one-night mission at St. Mary of Guadalupe Church. Deacon Harold will be presenting, Living a Eucharistic Faith: The Big Deal About Mass and Why It […]