Building a Civilization of Love

Building a Civilization of Love

Building a Civilization of Love is a special event for parishes through a partnership with Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers and Casting Nets Ministries. Hosting parishes will not only have an evening presentation of Deacon Harold’s Building a Civilization of Love, but will also have a special training on leadership evangelization with Casting Nets Ministries 6-8 weeks prior to the presentation.

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Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers cuts through the pejorative
rhetoric, weaponized language, and virtue signaling of the culture to reveal the heart of a Catholic response to racism. This response is rooted and finds its deepest meaning in the timeless principles found in Holy Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Deacon Harold provides basic, practical, real-world advice on how to talk to family, friends, and loved ones so a civilization of love can be built.

This special, ticketed event is available to eligible parishes at no cost. Attendees will purchase their own $25 tickets and all will receive a free digital copy of The Mass inSacred Scripture.

Intended for high school students and older.

A six-month coaching process to assist with the promotion and planning of the event is included.

A unique and special part of Building a Civilization of Love is Leadership Evangelization Training for your parish leaders with Casting Nets Ministries. There are many Catholics who are simply unaware of or indifferent to their holy obligation and sacred duty to evangelize. For those that are aware, they are often-times filled with fear and apprehension because they have not been taught how to share the faith with others. This seminar will prepare the laity for effective evangelization.

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